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A Real Taste of Malta.

Malta is a small island nation connected to the world through trade, so a real taste of Malta means genuine, locally made food, based on local products and seasoned with ingredients from around the world.

Majjal ta’ Malta’s brand offers a real taste of Malta through our range of meat products made from 100% local pork and selected natural ingredients.

KIM Ltd Benefits from EU Funding

Towards Investments in Adding Value to Pork.

KIM Ltd has completed another round of investments in its cutting and deboning operations, in order to increase our product range and our efficiency. These investments will allow KIM Ltd to better transform its members’ products into forms which are convenient and sought after by local processors, retailers and caterers, as well as consumers.

This adds value to our farmers’ products and facilitates the purchase of local pork by all local operators; strengthening the local pork sector and ensuring its future. Improved production and storage facilities also open the door for potential exports. These investments benefitted from co-financing of 50% under Rural Development Measure 4.2.

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