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The beauty of local.

Being farmer-owned, the Kim’s brand guarantees local origin. In turn, Maltese origin guarantees a product which is;
  • Reared on small, family-run farms.
  • Controlled by our own local authorities from birth to sale.
  • Fed feeds made from high quality cereals by licensed and regulated millers.
  • Contributing to the local economy and supporting local agriculture.
In 1982, the pig farmers of Malta and Gozo formed the Pig Breeders’ Cooperative Society; combining their efforts and their small, family-run farms to jointly produce and market local pork for local consumers.

Back then, Malta was nearly 100% self-sufficient for pork and pork products, meaning that pork sold and eaten in Malta was almost certainly reared and produced locally.

Once Malta joined the EU’s open market this began to change. Importers found that cheaper pork produced in a different way and in different countries, could be presented to consumers as the same thing, and so could be sold instead of local pork, and at the same price.

This brought great hardship for the local pork sector and other related sectors, without any real benefit to the local consumer. It became apparent that if Maltese pig farmers want their pork to be presented as the unique product that it is, they will have to do it themselves.

The Kim’s brand is the Maltese pig farmers’ last best hope to once again present local pork with the respect that it deserves, and to inform or remind consumers of the unique and beneficial properties of both the product and the sector.

Care for local history?

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